Extremely satisfied.

Amazing. He is exactly what I wanted. Super calm, great with kids, and all other animals. Perfect for my living arrangements, and schedule. He is just a super amazing dog. I couldn’t be happier.

Chad pelletier
Bernese Mountain

Thanks Darrin!

I had a great experience with Darrin. I had always wanted a Bernese Mountain dog and saw Darrin’s advertisement. He was receptive and accommodating when I called and within an hour, I was at his place looking at the beautiful litter. The kennel was clean and the dogs were healthy, happy and obviously well taken care of. Darrin gave me a history of the parents and allowed me time to get to play with the puppies. There was never any pressure and I was allowed as much time as was needed.
Darrin explained the procedure for purchasing Kafi (my beautiful Bernese) and had her vaccinated and tagged before I picked her up. He gave me a health record, food and vouchers for more food. He was professional and honest.
Kafi is a healthy beautiful Bernese and has fit in well with my other dogs, horses, cats and chickens. She has the nicest personality and is easy to train, willing, receptive and has not one mean bone in her body. I think we should have named her “Joy” as she is always happy and the first to greet us. We love her to bits and I can honestly say she has been the easiest dog I have ever had and the nicest personality. I would recommend Darrin as a breeder and I love my Bernese. Thanks Darrin!

Jacquie B
Bernese Mountain

We love our Bernese Mountain

We love our Bernese Mountain dog Wrigley. She is great with our one year old daughter. They are best friends. She is calm and well behaved. She loves being around us and is an amazing family dog. Wrigley Also gets along very well with our other dog Kona. We had a great experience with Legacy Kennels. Found it very professional and informative. We would definitely give them a big two thumbs up.

Danielle Gutoski
Bernese Mountain

Loving our newest family member!

Our whole family is overjoyed with our newest family member, Molly, who joined us just after Christmas this year! She is the sweetest, most lovable girl and we feel so lucky to have her complete our family.

We would like to thank Darrin for all his help – being from Vancouver, we were not able to get out to Calgary to pick a pup but Darrin was terrific sending us many photos from different angles so we could as a family pick the right pup that spoke to all of us. Darrin was also very accommodating, working with us to keep Molly for a few extra weeks and shipping her to us at the right time when we were able to accept her into our home properly.

Thank you Darrin! We love Molly and look forward to all our new family adventures together!

Anita, Rich, Diego and Melia

Anita Orazietti
Bernedoodle, Bernese Mountain

Delighted Puppy Mom

Having recently adopted my little Ko-Ko from Legacy Kennels, I am completely thrilled by the positive experience. By nature, I am somewhat of a cautious person and online transactions just don’t come easy for me ~ especially when I am investing in an emotional purchase, involves long term commitment, and that hits my pocket book! Darrin allayed my concerns right away by providing me with a detailed account of my puppy’s personality traits and what I could expect in terms of timeline and the purchase process, which ultimately unfolded as described. Although I was hesitant to make such a substantial investment ‘site unseen’ Ko-Ko arrived safely via West Jet cargo and she was relatively unscathed from the journey. She was in good company with three other adopted furry friends and is healthy and just as loving as Darrin originally described to me. I highly recommend Legacy Kennels to anyone thinking of investing in a Bernandoodle because my experience couldn’t possibly have been better!

Bonnie K
Bernedoodle, Bernese Mountain

THE Cutest dog

Even though I purchased Izzi by website and over the phone during Covid the whole experience was so easy. The only thing I missed was the actual in person viewing process – of course couldn’t be accommodated during the pandemic. I am not sure I would have picked another dog – Izzi and I seem meant for each other. I love the outdoors and so does she, in fact some evenings I am surprised that she wants to stay outside – too chilly for me, but she loves it. She is amazingly smart, food motivated and has been easy to train. She loves people and other dogs. I get comments on how cute she is daily and have shared Legacy Kennels info numerous times.

Alex R
Bernedoodle, Bernese Mountain

What a great addition to the family

Great experience and with Koda being three and half months old when we got him he slept through the night and let us know when he had to go outside. We recently lost our 7 year old Goldendoodles Quincy to cancer and Koda has been such such a great addition. He loves to cuddle, craves attention, knows where his treat jar is and will sit and lay down on command. Couldn’t ask for a better companion. Our Vet couldn’t believe how calm he was for a pup and he passed his checkup with flying colors.

Thank you Legacy for bringing such joy into our home.

Michael W
Bernedoodle, Bernese Mountain

Great experience

I had a great experience. Darrin was helpful, , informative and accommodating. My initial contact with legacy kennels was via the website and Darrin called me back within 4 hours. The adoption process was smooth and Darrin answered all my questions and provided me with lots of information, it was great. Once the puppies were ready for adoption Darrin called and we arranged a visit. Darrin picked me up at the ferry terminal and drove me to the kennel. I met Tara’s parents and was introduced to their litter, oh my goodness what a beautiful sight. All the dogs looked healthy and smelled clean. I was given all the time I needed to pick out my new family member (what a tough choice). Darrin also gave me a tour of the facility, it was clean and spacious. Lots of room for play and safe clean sleeping kennels. I can’t express how pleased I was with Darrin and the whole experience. Tara is home not settling in well. She is such a sweet girl and learning and growing fast. Thank you Darrin

Brenda Mercier

So Happy!!

Legacy Kennels has been a great experience!! We had a choice of four dogs and I asked for one that was a little older (3 months) and one that was more relaxed. Hugo is exactly that!! He is an extremely smart dog that the breeders obviously spend time with because he could sit and come when we got him. He has responded really well to his new environment and is a very happy puppy! He is super friendly with people and other dogs and loves getting attention. I had a group of 6 small children surround him and he was the perfect gentled (with guidance from me!. We couldn’t be happier with our Hugo!!

Ginette H.
Bernedoodle, Bernese Mountain

Very happy and recommend this breeder.

I had the good fortune of purchasing a puppy from Legacy Kennels. A family member also purchased a puppy. I do recommend Legacy Kennels to people I know.
I am lucky to live very close to the kennel so was able to see this fantastic set up for myself. I was greeted by the most beautiful healthy Bernese Mountain dogs that just exude love and joy; they were the mothers of the puppies!!
(First I checked with my veterinarian on any word that the kennel may not be good, and was very pleased to discover my veterinarian sees Legacy Kennels puppies. It really is such an emotional and financial decision, of course you want a healthy dog for the years to come.)
Darrin was very up front and answered my questions openly. The facility is clean and organized and every puppy was happy and playful. I said and still believe I could have picked any of the puppies in the two litters available and been very pleased. Darrin explained about insurance and feeding and his expectations of the owner.
I did pick a boy and he is wonderful. I didn’t mind that he was 3 months old. I actually preferred that because it made housetraining easier but it is personal choice. My puppy was used to noises and friendly. He knew sit. I started training right away and he learns in about 3-5 repetitions and remembers well and is eager to please. He crate trained easily. I have had a few dogs and not always easy to train so this is a real treat. He is also very joyous and does funny things. For cost he is a nickel a laugh and a dime a hug. I have not had one single regret getting this dog. I am experienced, and that, as I said, just made me see how much fun and easy a well bred and well suited dog can be.
The puppy also learned his boundaries around my other pets very quickly. He figured out how to play with my old dog without hurting him. He learned to give my old dog a wide berth as concerns food and learned boundaries around the cats. It’s been less than a month and there is good routine and peace.
Very happy!

Victoria R.
Bernedoodle, Bernese Mountain

The best puppy!

My husband and I got a 4 1/2 month old male bernedoodle puppy from Legacy Kennels and we are beyond thrilled with him. Finnigan (Burt) was remaining from the last litter, and we were lucky enough to stumble upon him when we started looking for a puppy.

He is playful but gentle, quick to learn, and the ultimate companion.

We live locally near Legacy Kennels so we were very fortunate to receive a tour of the facility from Darrin. It was clean, spacious and a wonderful place to raise puppies. We greatly appreciated his honesty and patience with us, and providing us with so much information.

When we picked Finnigan up he was freshly bathed, we received his vaccination/health records, and some helpful information.

We would (and already have) recommend Legacy Kennels to anyone looking for a bernedoodle. Thank you Darrin!

Sydney L
British Columbia
Bernedoodle, Bernese Mountain
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