I had a great experience with Darrin. I had always wanted a Bernese Mountain dog and saw Darrin’s advertisement. He was receptive and accommodating when I called and within an hour, I was at his place looking at the beautiful litter. The kennel was clean and the dogs were healthy, happy and obviously well taken care of. Darrin gave me a history of the parents and allowed me time to get to play with the puppies. There was never any pressure and I was allowed as much time as was needed.
Darrin explained the procedure for purchasing Kafi (my beautiful Bernese) and had her vaccinated and tagged before I picked her up. He gave me a health record, food and vouchers for more food. He was professional and honest.
Kafi is a healthy beautiful Bernese and has fit in well with my other dogs, horses, cats and chickens. She has the nicest personality and is easy to train, willing, receptive and has not one mean bone in her body. I think we should have named her “Joy” as she is always happy and the first to greet us. We love her to bits and I can honestly say she has been the easiest dog I have ever had and the nicest personality. I would recommend Darrin as a breeder and I love my Bernese. Thanks Darrin!