I had the good fortune of purchasing a puppy from Legacy Kennels. A family member also purchased a puppy. I do recommend Legacy Kennels to people I know.
I am lucky to live very close to the kennel so was able to see this fantastic set up for myself. I was greeted by the most beautiful healthy Bernese Mountain dogs that just exude love and joy; they were the mothers of the puppies!!
(First I checked with my veterinarian on any word that the kennel may not be good, and was very pleased to discover my veterinarian sees Legacy Kennels puppies. It really is such an emotional and financial decision, of course you want a healthy dog for the years to come.)
Darrin was very up front and answered my questions openly. The facility is clean and organized and every puppy was happy and playful. I said and still believe I could have picked any of the puppies in the two litters available and been very pleased. Darrin explained about insurance and feeding and his expectations of the owner.
I did pick a boy and he is wonderful. I didn’t mind that he was 3 months old. I actually preferred that because it made housetraining easier but it is personal choice. My puppy was used to noises and friendly. He knew sit. I started training right away and he learns in about 3-5 repetitions and remembers well and is eager to please. He crate trained easily. I have had a few dogs and not always easy to train so this is a real treat. He is also very joyous and does funny things. For cost he is a nickel a laugh and a dime a hug. I have not had one single regret getting this dog. I am experienced, and that, as I said, just made me see how much fun and easy a well bred and well suited dog can be.
The puppy also learned his boundaries around my other pets very quickly. He figured out how to play with my old dog without hurting him. He learned to give my old dog a wide berth as concerns food and learned boundaries around the cats. It’s been less than a month and there is good routine and peace.
Very happy!